Introduction: Hyperbaric medicine, while not widely known, is emerging as a powerful tool in the treatment of various diseases and conditions. From sports to oncology, this technology is opening new doors for effective recovery and treatment.

In the Sports Field: The hyperbaric chamber has become a valuable resource for athletes and elite sportspeople. It aids in the rapid recovery of musculoskeletal and tendon injuries, in addition to reducing fatigue and muscle stress after intense exercise. This treatment improves muscle preparation and optimizes performance in competitions.

Advancements in Oncology: In cancer treatment, hyperbaric oxygenation shows potential in reducing the toxicity associated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Tumor hypoxia, a significant obstacle in cancer cure, can be addressed with this technique, enhancing the response to conventional treatment.

Applications in Plastic Surgery: Hyperbaric medicine is also being used in plastic surgery to improve aesthetic outcomes, reduce complications, and accelerate healing. This facilitates a quicker recovery and allows patients to resume their daily activities in less time.

Benefits in Other Conditions: This technique is useful in pathologies involving tissue hypoxia and healing problems, such as ulcers in diabetic patients. It is also fundamental in the treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning, decompression syndromes in divers, and some necrotizing infections.

Research and Future: Hyperbaric medicine is constantly under research, exploring its utility in conditions like fibromyalgia, headaches, facial paralysis, chronic pain, tinnitus, and post-Covid sequelae. Additionally, its impact in anti-aging medicine and immunological diseases such as scleroderma is being studied.

Impact on Quality of Life: Patients undergoing hyperbaric treatments report significant improvement in their symptoms, a reduction in the need for analgesic medications, and decreased levels of anxiety, leading to an improved quality of life.

Conclusion: Hyperbaric medicine is an expanding field with significant potential to treat a wide range of diseases. However, it is important to seek advice from a physician specialized in hyperbaric medicine before considering this treatment.

This article provides an overview of the current and future uses of the hyperbaric chamber, highlighting its versatility and potential in different areas of medicine.