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  • When the heart beats slower than normal, patient may faint, feel lack of energy or develop other heart failure symptoms.


  • Pacemakers recognize the electric impulses of the heart and produce an artificial spark to keep a normal heart rithm if necesary. Normally they have one or 2 cables and a generator, that puts together a “computer” and a batery, that can last for a decade.


  • Newer pacemakers include Wireless pacemakers and MRI compatible ones. Pacemakers can be monitored from home electronically with no need to come to the outpatient clinic.

Marcapasos implantado por sublcavia izquierda.


At the Cardiovascular Center we have extensive experience in the implantation of pacemakers in the most advanced private hospitals in the province, with a minimum waiting time and a maximum admission of 24 hours.

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Dr Pedro Aranda MD, PhD Heart&Vascular Surgeon