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  • The coronary arteries bring oxigenated blood to the miocardium (heart muscle)
  • When they block the heart muscle suffers and hurts (angina) or diez (miocardial infartion or heart attack)
  • Very often they can open up with a stent, with a catheter through the radial artery (wrist) or femoral artery (groin).
  • Often times the blockage is to extensive or many arteries are involved and a coronary bypas is reccomended. In this case an artery (normally mamamari artery in your chest) or a vein from the leg is used as a new Conduit to “bridge” the blockage and restore circulation to the heart muscle. This is a coronary artery bypas graft or CABG.


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Our surgical  Hospitals are Vithas Xanit International in Benalmádena and Helicópteros Sanitarios Hospital Banus in Marbella, our doctors Will reccomend you the most suitable one according to location, complexity of surgery and type of medical insurance.


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