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Why have a cardiovascular checkup?

Many cardiovascular diseases are asymptomatic or symptomatic in the early stages of the disease. On the other hand, it is possible to carry out early, non-invasive diagnoses in which to detect the various diseases and treat them in their initial stages.

One of the most significant areas is that of aortic aneurysms, since their early detection allows elective treatment with a much lower risk than if the treatment is carried out in the acute phase.

Who should have a cardiovascular checkup?

The patients with the highest risk of presenting pathology of their vascular system are:

     Patients with cardiovascular risk factors (smoking, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, diabetes …)
     Patients with a family history of cardiac or cardiovascular pathology, aneurysms, circulation problems …
     In general, men over 65 years old and women over 70.

How to get a cardiovascular checkup?

Patients with suspected circulatory problems may request an appointment at the Outpatient Clinic of our center, to carry out a complete medical history and physical examination. Subsequently, the necessary additional tests will be requested for each case (echo-Doppler, scanner, resonance …).

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Dr Pedro Aranda MD, PhD Heart&Vascular Surgeon

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