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We have 4 heart valves. The make posible that the circulation goes in only one direction, allowing forward Flow during systole and preventing reflux during dyastole.

Valve fail due to not closing properly (insuficency or reflux) or becoming obstructive (stenosis). Either one eventually leads to heart failure and ultimatelly, death.

We have 3 ways to solve the problem:

1.Replace the valve with a mechanical or biological prosthesis

2.Repair the valve

3.Implant a new valve through the femoral artery (groin) without the need to open surgery (TAVI or TAVR).

Your surgeon Will explain to you the bets option for your particular case, according to age, anatomy and other risk factors.

Metallic Prosthesis
Biological Aortic Prosthesis


At the Cardiovascular Center we carry out all the cardiac surgery techniques available:
Coronary surgery (bypass) and valve surgery.

These interventions usually require stopping the heart and lung function for a few minutes, maintaining circulation thanks to a machine (extracorporeal circulation). The heart then beats again and resumes its function.

These are complex, serious interventions with potential complications. However, when you decide to perform one of these interventions, it is when your cardiologist and the surgical team have data to think that NOT intervening involves a vital risk higher than that of the intervention. On the other hand, it will be in the hands of a multidisciplinary team that includes cardiologists, anesthetists, cardiac surgeons, perfusionists and first-level intensive care doctors, whose main concern will be to improve the patient’s symptoms, quality and quantity of life.

Dr Pedro Aranda MD, PhD Heart&Vascular Surgeon

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Dr Pedro Aranda MD, PhD Heart&Vascular Surgeon