Forbes Magazine, known for its coverage of the world’s wealthiest individuals and companies, has named Málaga as the best alternative capital city in the world. In a study that analyzed 420 cities in 89 different countries, Málaga stood out for its beautiful beaches, cultural attractions, and historical monuments.

According to Forbes, Málaga is an alternative to the traditional capital cities that often overshadow other cities in a country. The study recognized Málaga as the most prominent city in the world, surpassing Barcelona as the best city in Spain. Madrid, the country’s capital, was not included in the list.

Forbes highlighted Málaga’s free attractions such as the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle, both of which attract visitors from all over the world. Additionally, Málaga is the birthplace of the famous painter, Picasso, and home to the Picasso Museum which is free to visit on Sundays.

Forbes also praised Málaga for its cultural and historical significance, saying, “A city capital is often a microcosm that is apart from the country in which it resides and does not best showcase the culture and magic of its people and history.”

Málaga beat out other great cities in Europe and around the world such as Lyon (France), Split (Croatia), Casablanca (Morocco), Munich (Germany), Osaka (Japan), and Vancouver (Canada). The city of Ronda, with its breathtaking views of the Tajo river, was featured in the photo that accompanied the article.

Dr. Pedro Aranda, director of the Marbella Heart Health Cardiovascular Center, celebrated the recognition of Málaga by Forbes. He emphasized the city’s commitment to medical excellence and the importance of tourism for the local economy.

Overall, Málaga’s recognition by Forbes Magazine as the best alternative capital city in the world is a significant achievement for the city and its people. It highlights the city’s unique cultural and historical significance, its world-class beaches and attractions, and its importance as a destination for travelers and medical tourism.