Peripheral Artery Disease

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Peripheral Artery Disease

Patients with cardiovascular risk factors, mainly Diabetes and Smokers, are at a high risk of developing PAD. Progressive calcification of the arteries lead to blockage of the blood Flow to the legs, producing pain during walking (“CLAUDICATION”) or eventually gangrene (leading to amputations).

When a blockage is identified it can be solved with 3 main aproaches or a combination of all.

1. Surgical “cleaning” of the artery, or endarterectomy

2. Surgical Bypass (jumping the blockage with a “new artery”)

3. Dilating the blockage with a catheter and implanting a stent

 More advanced cases with no options for revascularization often Benefit from the hyperbaric chamber ( and stem cell therapy.

All options are available at Xanit International Hospital.

Bypass femoropopliteo con venasafena

Imagen de AngioTAC de bypass femoropoplíteo con vena safena en un paciente con claudicación intermitente.

These are complex, serious interventions with potential complications.

However, when it is decided to carry out one of these interventions, it is when the surgical team has data to believe that NOT intervening involves a vital risk (or loss of the limb or stroke, depending on the case) higher than that of the intervention.

On the other hand, it will be in the hands of a multidisciplinary team that includes top neurologists, cardiologists, anesthetists, cardiac surgeons, perfusionists and intensive care physicians, whose main concern will be to improve the patient’s symptoms, quality and quantity of life.

We have extensive experience in minimally invasive treatments for aortic aneurysms (stents), and in many cases it is possible to perform the interventions only with local or locoregional anesthesia.

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